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Storyzoo News Updates

  • 23.03.2021

    Can learning be fun?

    For sure it can! StoryZoo has created a fun new series called “Bewegend Leren” (Move and Learn). Children can enjoy the Dutch pilot series either at school or at home. Each episode features a different theme, such as ’shapes’ or ‘colours’. The young audience learn new words and widen their vocabulary while being asked to stand up, move their arms, jump or do a crazy dance and repeat the words.
    Recent studies show that physical activity activates the brain, heightens cognitive function and is correlated with improved academic performance.

    Our feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as the videos are a great tool for teachers in a time when digital learning has become more and more important. The series is now being dubbed in to several different languages, such as English and German, in order to attract a wider audience.

    Thanks to Gynzy!

  • 23.02.2021

    New StoryZoo episodes will premiere on Disney Channel in the Benelux

    Disney Channel Benelux has licensed 10 newly produced episodes of the ‘StoryZoo Adventures’, this time with an outer space theme. The episodes will be shown on Disney Channel in April in the Netherlands and Belgium. In this series the familiar StoryZoo characters take a rocket to space. Using real-life videos from ESA (European Space Agency), children will enjoy exciting adventures in each of the 12-minute episodes.

    The three StoryZoo characters Bax, Toby and Pepper learn about planet Earth and how sunlight influences day and night time. The episodes take us to the moon. We also discover the planet Mars and get to know different planets in our solar system. The StoryZoo animators have created fun new designs and animations depicting the journey through space in the StoryZoo rocket. “The real-life images literally take these StoryZoo adventures to a higher level, the images and exceptional ESA film material are exciting and absolutely unique for young and old” says Johannes Gropp, founder and CEO of StoryZoo B.V.

    “We are delighted with the new partnership with Disney and are absolutely convinced that this series will be a great success on the Disney platforms in the Benelux,” said Johannes Gropp.

  • 22.09.2020

    Sony Music to distribute StoryZoo content

    Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH is working closely with StoryZoo B.V., distributing the StoryZoo audio content in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
    The StoryZoo songs and audiobooks can be found on all the major platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer. The deal covers the 14 StoryZoo songs including “Im Zoo” (At the Zoo) “Kekse backen” (Baking Cookies) and “Feuerwehr” (Firefighters) and the two audiobooks series from StoryZoo season 1 & 2.
    Johannes Gropp, founder and commercial director of StoryZoo, says “…partnering with Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH will have a major impact on the brand awareness of StoryZoo in German speaking countries. Together we plan to bring StoryZoo to the next level and create the most popular educative kids brand in Germany.”
    Bent Schoenemann, Senior Manager Music & New Business, Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH points out: “The StoryZoo songs are cute and very well produced and they fit perfectly into our artist roster while focusing on younger kids. We are looking forward to expanding our relationship in near future.”

    Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH has already started the distribution of the content.

  • 14.07.2020

    Our first Korean broadcast!

    The 13 x 11′ episodes of the “StoryZoo adventures” in the zoo will be aired on Daekyo Kids TV and Daekyo Baby TV.

    Thanks to Bomanbridge Media for making it happen!
    StoryZoo is looking forward to the launch!

  • 13.11.2019

    StoryZoo op avontuur – Cinema release

    There it is – the official trailer of StoryZoo’s first cinema release! “StoryZoo op avontuur in het Sprookjesbos” will premiere on sunday 15th december. We can’t wait to show the movie to the world! It’s a combination of well-known fairy tales combined with StoryZoo’s most favorite songs and entertaining games. Click to watch the trailer!


  • 21.06.2019

    Learning English in Dutch schools has never been so much fun!

    So nice to see the kids interacting with the English StoryZoo lessons and to see them picking up words like “yellow”, “butterfly” or “ladybird”. Sitting in the last row of the school class (kids from 5-7 years = Group 3) I witnessed enthusiastic and responsive kids that loved the interactive lessons and could not wait to solve the games and questions on the smart boards. We worked hard the last couple of months with experts from primary education to fine-tune our product and now we are ready for an international roll-out. We will offer some 50+ lessons, according to the school curricula’s, with topics such as “Vegetables”, “Colors”, “Instruments”, “Recycling” or “Seasons”. Each of our lessons include a lesson plan for the teachers, interactive questions, touch screen games, coloring pages and all that considering the diversity of the kids. More information? Send an email to



  • 11.06.2019

    Entering Dutch schools

    StoryZoo will be going in to thousands of schools in the Netherlands to teach children of 4-8 years old their first words in English. Working in conjunction with LessonUp, one of the market leaders in provision of interactive school materials, StoryZoo has created its own channel environment with high quality complete lessons, including lesson plans for teachers, interactive screens, colouring pages, songs and even touch screen questions. StoryZoo collaborates with experts in primary education in creation and production of theses materials. LessonUp is an online platform that makes it easy for teachers to create engaging lessons using video, images, interactive questions and quizzes. Janneke Plaisir, CEO LessonUp: “We are thrilled to join forces with StoryZoo and make this outstanding, ready to use educational content available to thousands of teachers.” The StoryZoo channel is now live on LessonUp and will be tested the next coming weeks.

  • 18.04.2019

    Merchandising products

    StoryZoo has created a set of beautiful toys and products with the handcraft company Wool & Woodies. The set features a little playhouse, a playing table for two and a box- all produced from sustainable materials. Alexander Otto, founder of Wool & Woodies: “We make beautiful toys that play with the conviction that a child does not want to be entertained, but wants to entertain himself.The brand StoryZoo is an ideal partner that fully fits with our own ideology on how kids should be entertained. The products are available in the Wool & Woodies online shop.


  • 11.03.2019

    Super RTL visits StoryZoo for educational duo

    Great news that StoryZoo now partnered up with Super RTL in Germany! From May onwards the episodes will be available on several platforms such as the VOD platforms Toggolino or kividoo.


  • 1.10.2018

    Agendatip | Familiedagen | StoryZoo | Van Gogh Museum | 15 t/m 28 oktober

    Tijdens de herfstvakantie vinden de speciale Familiedagen in het Van Gogh Museum plaats. Er is dan elke dag van alles te beleven in het museum en alle activiteiten zijn gratis.

    Een bijzonder onderdeel van deze Familiedagen is de samenwerking met het programma StoryZoo, een educatieve animatieserie waarmee kinderen spelenderwijs Engels leren. Als het magische boek ‘StoryZoo’ opengaat, komen de vrolijke figuren Toby de Aap, Pepper de Papegaai en Bax de Beer tevoorschijn om samen de spannendste avonturen te beleven. De serie wordt onder meer uitgezonden op RTL Telekids.

    Het Van Gogh Museum heeft in samenwerking met StoryZoo vijf speciale afleveringen geproduceerd waarin Bax, Pepper en Toby de jonge kijkers mee nemen door het museum langs Vincents beroemdste schilderijen om hen wat leren over zijn leven en kunstwerken. Deze vijfdelige reeks wordt tijdens de herfstvakantie uitgezonden in het museum zelf en op Telekids en krijgt een permanente plek op het onderwijsplatform Van Gogh op school.

    Als aanvulling op de afleveringen is tijdens de Familiedagen in het Van Gogh Museum een speciale StoryZoo-speurtocht te doen. De kinderen worden mee op avontuur genomen door de karakters van StoryZoo om meer te leren over Vincents kunst. Bovendien kunnen ze beter kennismaken met Bax, Pepper en Toby en is het zelfs mogelijk om in het museum met de figuren op de foto te gaan. Tot slot verschijnt er een speciaal ‘StoryZoo in het Van Gogh Museum’-boek, dat onder meer in de webshop en gedurende de familiedagen in het museum verkrijgbaar is.

    De speurtocht en meet & greets vinden plaats van 15 tot en met 28 oktober. De meet & greet vindt elke dag plaats tussen 10.30 uur en 12.00 uur, de speurtocht is de hele dag beschikbaar. Meer informatie over het totale programma is hier te vinden.

    Wij zouden het heel leuk vinden als jullie dit mee kunnen nemen in jullie (online) agenda en jullie zijn uiteraard ook zelf van harte welkom om de karakters uit StoryZoo in het Van Gogh Museum te ontmoeten!


Feelgood animatieserie met educatieve basis

Kinderen leren spelenderwijs Engels in de nieuwe serie StoryZoo

In de gloednieuwe animatieserie StoryZoo, die vanaf september elke doordeweekse dag bij RTL Telekids te zien is, leren jonge kinderen op een speelse manier Engels. De serie is ontwikkeld in samenspraak met gerenommeerde taalinstituten en heeft een educatieve basis. Tegelijkertijd biedt het kinderen in de leeftijd van 2 tot 6 jaar één groot avontuurlijk feest:
StoryZoo is feel-good animatie, met een educatieve grondslag.

StoryZoo werd ontwikkeld door kinderboekenschrijvers en animators die eerder samenwerkten aan Sesamstraat, Het Zandkasteel en Pim & Pom. De kleurrijke en vrolijke beelden en verhalen gaan gepaard met aanstekelijke muziek.

Vanaf 5 september zie je StoryZoo elke doordeweekse ochtend, rond 09.05 uur,
bij Telekids op het kanaal van RTL 8.

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