StoryZoo, Watch, Listen, Play & Learn

Can learning be fun?

For sure it can! StoryZoo has created a fun new series called “Bewegend Leren” (Move and Learn). Children can enjoy the Dutch pilot series either at school or at home. Each episode features a different theme, such as ’shapes’ or ‘colours’. The young audience learn new words and widen their vocabulary while being asked to stand up, move their arms, jump or do a crazy dance and repeat the words.
Recent studies show that physical activity activates the brain, heightens cognitive function and is correlated with improved academic performance.

Our feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as the videos are a great tool for teachers in a time when digital learning has become more and more important. The series is now being dubbed in to several different languages, such as English and German, in order to attract a wider audience.

Thanks to Gynzy!