StoryZoo, Watch, Listen, Play & Learn

Entering Dutch schools

StoryZoo will be going in to thousands of schools in the Netherlands to teach children of 4-8 years old their first words in English. Working in conjunction with LessonUp, one of the market leaders in provision of interactive school materials, StoryZoo has created its own channel environment with high quality complete lessons, including lesson plans for teachers, interactive screens, colouring pages, songs and even touch screen questions. StoryZoo collaborates with experts in primary education in creation and production of theses materials. LessonUp is an online platform that makes it easy for teachers to create engaging lessons using video, images, interactive questions and quizzes. Janneke Plaisir, CEO LessonUp: “We are thrilled to join forces with StoryZoo and make this outstanding, ready to use educational content available to thousands of teachers.” The StoryZoo channel is now live on LessonUp and will be tested the next coming weeks.