StoryZoo, Watch, Listen, Play & Learn

Learning English in Dutch schools has never been so much fun!

So nice to see the kids interacting with the English StoryZoo lessons and to see them picking up words like “yellow”, “butterfly” or “ladybird”. Sitting in the last row of the school class (kids from 5-7 years = Group 3) I witnessed enthusiastic and responsive kids that loved the interactive lessons and could not wait to solve the games and questions on the smart boards. We worked hard the last couple of months with experts from primary education to fine-tune our product and now we are ready for an international roll-out. We will offer some 50+ lessons, according to the school curricula’s, with topics such as “Vegetables”, “Colors”, “Instruments”, “Recycling” or “Seasons”. Each of our lessons include a lesson plan for the teachers, interactive questions, touch screen games, coloring pages and all that considering the diversity of the kids. More information? Send an email to