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StoryZoo enters cooperation with Van Gogh Museum

StoryZoo, a leading producer of educational content for children,  is excited to announce a long-term partnership with the world famous Van Gogh Museum based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

StoryZoo will produce five themed TV episodes in the look and feel of the museum, focussing on the life and work of the artist Vincent van Gogh, with episodes  focusing on topics such as ‘Seasons’ and ‘Colors’.

The episodes will be produced in both Dutch and English versions, to be distributed worldwide, including on the museum’s own international schools platform Van Gogh at school. The five episodes, each 10 minutes long, form part of StoryZoo’s ‘StoryZoo adventures’ series, which now totals 25 TV episodes.

Axel Rüger (director Van Gogh Museum): ‘We applaud new and creative ways to make the work of Vincent van Gogh accessible to as many people as possible, and the episodes of StoryZoo will be an inspiration for the youngest amongst them.’

StoryZoo’s director Johannes Gropp: “I am very proud of this cooperation. Working with the Van Gogh Museum, and it’s 2.2M annual visitors, many of them international, will provide a significant boost to brand awareness of StoryZoo nationally and internationally.”